About this project Helping my friend Gayle complete her book has been a labour of love for me. Gayle invented the "Thrive" mantra in 2007 after a shocking battle with breast cancer that involved chemotherapy, radiation, double mastectomy and full hysterectomy. Throughout, Gayle refused to let cancer run her life. She wrote about Thriving and I sent it to Barbara Schumley, who was the president of the World Breast Cancer Conference. In 2008 Gayle and I traveled to the World Breast Cancer Conference which was held in Winnipeg Canada. We went there to spread the Thrive message. Women from all over the world went nuts over the Thrive philosophy! Many saw themselves, their attitudes and efforts so similar to Gayle's. The Thrive name was introduced as a new word into the cancer conversation. I believe it will alter the conversation forever. While you're waiting to survive - You can Thrive! Thriving is the choice not to let cancer or any illness be the defining thing in a persons life. Thrive recognizes the need for survivors but for the first time those who do not survive are able to shake the implication that they are automatically losers. The survivor label for Gayle was a simple win - lose proposition. If you survive, you are a winner. And while no one would audibly say that people who do not survive are losers, that inference looms over the head of those who are deep in the muck of their cancer battle. Thrive brings relief of negative stigmas based on simple outcomes. Thrive measures the quality a life has offered as a better instrument of value than assigning value only to the length of that life. The Thrive book in concert with the completed documentary and Thrive anthem song are a collection of communication tools that we intend to use to spread the hope that is the Thrive philosophy.